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Turn your space into a multipurpose facility with Awana Game Floors

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Over 50 colors to choose from!

Now offering 10 two sided color choices.

Maximize your facilities usage with AWANA game floors!



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Turn your space into a multipurpose facility
Current trends show valued space is often required to serve for numerous functions. Our custom Awana game floor offers the versatility to turn your space into a multipurpose facility. The flexibility of using Awana flooring on any surface gives boundless options where this activity can be held. The Awana game floor is manufactured using durable reinforced vinyl with professionally painted Awana game circle. Remove the game floor by simply folding and storing away.

Our Awana game floors are available in any size desired. Whether your space is large or small, Awana flooring can be constructed to fit your needs. All of our game floors are manufactured using American made material and workmanship.

Awana Game Floors


Awana Game Floors

• Custom manufactured to your specifications
• Easily maintained
• Available in various weights • Durable, repairable
• Numerous colors from which to choose
• High tear and abrasion resistance
• Seams are heat sealed for the strongest possible bond
• Optional custom line painting or colored border
• All floor covering material is flame retardant


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Awana Game Floors Awana Game Floors Awana Game Floors