Custom Divider Curtains

Keep your employees and customers safe

Custom Divider Curtains


Our custom divider curtains help separate people, providing social distancing barriers. Create a safer environment for customers who are waiting in line or for office and production workers to keep them separated from their coworkers. Available in a variety of materials and options, our clear vinyl options are easy to see through, can be cleaned with disinfectant. All divider curtain panels are easy to hang from high places, including drop ceilings or tall warehouse ceiling trusses. Whether separating large areas, service areas or workspaces, a divider curtain is an excellent low-cost solution.

Divider Curtain Benefits

Safeguard IconSafeguard social distancing—controls germs and virus spread
Maintain Clean IconMaintain a clean work/retail environment—helps reduce spread of unwanted particles & dust
Energy Efficient IconEnergy efficiency—prevents losses of heating and cooling
CustomCustom made—manufactured to your exact specifications
Easy To Clean IconEasy to clean—can be sanitized or disinfected with cleaner
Flexible IconFlexible—several mounting options
Fire Safety IconFire safety—all divider curtain materials are flame retardant
Acoustical IconAcoustical vinyl—sound barrier curtains help to reduce noise pollution


Divider Curtain Applications

Our custom divider curtains can be used at dental offices, service counters, for bartenders,  grocery stores, convenience stores, reception desks, banks, retail POS and other venues. We have a variety of options and each divider curtain is custom made to your specifications to best suit your needs and available in a variety of materials.

Office & Room Divider Curtains

Sensible strategies to practice physical distancing include moving desks apart, adding barriers, enhancing cleaning and safety measures. Our environmental barrier curtains can aid in partitioning offices and are available in a variety of custom, made-to-order options. Whether you require see-through curtain panels that can be disinfected regularly, opaque options to dampen sound and provide privacy, or a combination of an opaque divider curtain with a see-through window, we have you covered.



Grocery Store Sneeze Guard Curtains

In response to current health safety concerns associated with the unprecedented demand for enhanced separation between individuals, a sneeze guard curtain can help maintain social distance and allow the workforce to continue to serve their customers.

Each custom divider curtain is manufactured to help prevent the spread of disease in any place of commerce that requires direct interaction between employees and customers in close proximity. This product is available in many styles and options and is built to your specifications.



Salon Curtain Dividers

Control the spread of germs and infection inside nail, hair, and beauty salons with small to large curtain walls. These custom-made separation and isolation curtains help contain germs which can become airborne and infect other people and stylists. They also help to define spaces and maintain the appropriate personal spacing and or sneeze and cough barriers.



Industrial Warehouse & Shop Curtain Dividers

Warehouse dividers are an economical solution for separating space and controlling temperature and dust. Divider curtains can also be used to enclose an area to keep equipment protected or out of sight. Sound barrier vinyl is available to help reduce noise and increase energy efficiency. Clear windows can also be added for visibility.



Hanging Divider Strip Curtains

If complete access into and out of an area quickly is required while still having the need to protect your employees and customers, then hanging divider strip curtains are ideal. Strip doors or curtains allow the separation of spaces while helping to control temperatures, energy costs and keep dust or fumes at a minimum. Strip doors are clear and hang straight down, allowing people to walk through them while maintaining separation from employees, coworkers, and customers.  Our custom strip curtains provide a hygienic barrier from sneezes and coughs and allow for interactions when needed.



Divider Curtain Tracking Systems

We offer easy-to-use aluminum tracking for hanging of your new custom divider curtains. Our unique divider curtain tracking systems have a silver anodized finish with black plastic end caps offering an aesthetically pleasing look. Available in 24, 36 and 48-inch lengths, our room divider curtain tracks can be extended by adding a joiner to connect two pieces together. Several ceiling hanging options are available.


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