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Get helpful tips and advice on selecting the best tarp for your application.

Discover the many uses and applications for custom tarps and floor covers with our blog posts - full of helpful tips and advice. Learn how to use, buy, and measure tarps, and more! From floor tarps, field covers, landscape tarps and more, we’ve got you covered.

Electra Tarp can manufacture a tarpaulin or floor cover to the specific measurements required for your unique project. Our custom tarps are constructed using the material of your choice and available in a variety of weights, colors and materials including solid vinyl, mesh, canvas and polyethylene.

The Advantages of Heavy-Duty Tarps for Commercial Nurseries

Discover how custom-sized, heavy-duty landscaping tarps can protect plants, enhance growth conditions, and improve operational efficiency for commercial nurseries.

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How Industrial Curtains Assist in Dust and Contaminant Control

Industrial curtains are highly effective for controlling environmental pollutants, making them an invaluable asset in maintaining cleaner, safer, and more compliant workspaces.

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Electra Tarp Inc. Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence in Tarp Manufacturing

As we celebrate this golden anniversary, we reflect on the legacy of our custom tarps that began with nothing more than a yellow pad, a pencil, and a dream. Learn about our rich history and journey to success in the custom tarpaulin industry.

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Top Maintenance Tips for Industrial Curtains

Industrial curtains are essential in many work environments, offering flexible space management and environmental control. However, to ensure industrial curtain walls continue to function optimally, regular maintenance is crucial. This blog post explores the best practices for maintaining heavy-duty industrial curtains to enhance their longevity and performance. Warehouse Curtain General Maintenance Tips Cleaning Agents: Use …

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Industrial Curtains vs Permanent Walls

Choosing between industrial divider curtains and permanent walls can be a tough decision. Each option has its advantages and drawbacks. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of using warehouse dividers like industrial curtain walls versus permanent walls.

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A Quick Guide to Different Types of Industrial Curtains

Whether you’re looking to isolate workspaces, control temperature, or simply want to optimize your area effectively, industrial curtains offer various benefits. In this quick guide, we will explore the different types of industrial curtains designed to segregate and optimize space within various industrial settings.

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When Warehouse Curtains Are Good for Your Bottom Line

Learn more about why you should invest in industrial curtains to maximize your warehouse space for a cleaner and more efficient work environment.

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Why You Should Invest in a Custom Gym Floor Covering

Learn about the many benefits of a gym floor covering, including how it can reduce maintenance, protect your floor during special events, and help turn your gym into a profitable space.

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What is an Industrial Divider Curtain?

Industrial curtains are used to divide large spaces, such as warehouses, and to reduce the noise from one workspace to the next. Divider curtains are also used to control temperatures and resist abrasion. Learn more about the different types of industrial curtains.

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What is a Custom Floor Covering?

At Electra Tarp, we can turn your space into a multi-purpose facility with our custom floor mat covers that are perfect for several activities. Some applications include awana game floors, guard and percussion floor covers, gym floor covers, martial arts floor covers, and safety town tarps. We can manufacture endless options based on your size and, shape, material, and color needs. Learn more about our floor coverings.

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