Custom Room Divider Curtains

Electra Tarp Custom Room Divider Curtains

Looking to divide rooms to stop the spread of germs, separate spaces, or create privacy? Electra Tarp’s custom room dividers are the prefect solution for any space. Customizable to suit your needs, our clear vinyl curtains can be hung from anywhere – from low drop ceilings to tall warehouse rafters. Alternatively select a clear vinyl portable room divider that can easily be moved to suit changing social distancing regulations. With several color options including clear, opaque, or opaque with a clear window, you can truly create a divider curtain for your exact needs.

Where to Use Plastic Shield Room Dividers

Plastic hanging room dividers can be installed just about anywhere to keep people safe and aid in social distancing. Having a protective barrier in between coworkers, patients, students, etc. not only gives peace of mind, but helps stop the spread of germs. Here are some ideas on where to use Electra Tarp’s clear vinyl plastic shield room dividers in our “new normal”. 

In the Office

Plastic barrier clear vinyl curtains can be used to separate work stations and allow for social distancing in offices. Place in between desks and in commonly used areas such as lunchrooms to help stop the spread of germs from sneezing, coughing, etc.

In the Classroom

Room divider curtains can be placed in between desks, lunch tables, and play areas in schools or daycares to enhance social distancing. To provide extra protection for teachers, a curtain can be hung around three sides of their desks to limit contact with students.


Use clear vinyl plastic partitions to create a barrier between tables in restaurants so guests can enjoy their meal worry-free. And thanks to the clear material we use for our room divider curtains, they can still appreciate the ambiance of the restaurant. Clear divider curtains can also be used at take-out windows or counters to keep employees safe and limit their contact with customers.

Doctor’s and Dentist’s Offices

To keep patients safe while in the waiting room, portable room dividers can be placed in between chairs to create individual waiting spaces that can easily be rearranged and reconfigured. Our dividers are also easy to clean and can be sanitized with cleaner. Choose from clear, opaque, or a combination to suit the needs of any office.

Request a Quote

Interested in our custom room divider curtains for your space? At Electra Tarp, we offer a variety of variety of custom, made-to-order protective partition options. Contact us for more information or request a quote for the specific size, material, color, and type for your tarp.

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