Electra Tarp Inc. Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence in Tarp Manufacturing

Electra Tarp HeadquartersThis year marks a monumental milestone for Electra Tarp Inc., a beacon of ingenuity and quality in the tarp manufacturing industry. Founded in 1974 in Canton, Ohio, by the visionary Robert Fulmer, Electra Tarp has journeyed through five decades of innovation, growth, and steadfast dedication to its craft and customers. As we celebrate this golden anniversary, we reflect on the legacy of our custom tarps that began with nothing more than a yellow pad, a pencil, and a dream.

A Journey from Humble Beginnings

Electra Tarp’s story is one of resilience and entrepreneurship. Robert Fulmer, at the age of 55 and after a 20-year tenure at Canton Containers, seized an opportunity to fill a niche in the tarp manufacturing industry. Alongside a colleague, he founded Electra Tarp, navigating through initial challenges to establish a foundation for success. The company’s growth necessitated a move to North Canton and, eventually, to its current home at 2900 Perry Drive SW.

Over the past five decades, Electra Tarp not only sustained its original vision, but also expanded its reach and product offerings, serving customers worldwide with a unique blend of quality, creativity, and customer service.

Innovative Custom Tarp Solutions Set Us Apart

Electra Tarp’s evolution from focusing on truck and military contracts to embracing a wide array of custom projects underscores its versatility and innovative spirit. The company’s foray into unique markets, such as cherry pit lining and sauerkraut covers, showcases its ability to adapt and thrive.

A standout moment in Electra Tarp’s history was the creation of the Awana game floor cover. This product, born from a request by a minister in 1995, exemplifies Electra Tarp’s commitment to meeting customer needs with creativity and precision. The success of this custom floor cover is now promoted by Awana International, highlighting the global reach and impact of Electra Tarp’s innovations.

Another notable innovation is the Safety Town tarp, an interactive educational tool that teaches children about safety in a fun and engaging way. With over 3,500 programs across the country, Safety Town floor cover tarps demonstrate Electra Tarp’s dedication to community and education, further solidifying its role as a leader in the custom tarp industry.

Discover Our Legacy of Custom Tarp Solutions

The 50-year history of Electra Tarp Inc. is a testament to our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service. Throughout our journey from a visionary startup to a leader in custom tarps manufacturing, we have been committed to treating every customer like family. Whether it’s a winter pool cover, an Awana game floor cover, or a custom tarp, our motto, “Big or small, we make them all,” reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence.

Our custom tarpaulin solutions are designed with precision and care for a wide range of applications. Contact Electra Tarp Inc. today for custom tarps and floor covers backed by decades of experience.

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