What is a Landscaping Tarp – How to Use a Landscaping Tarp

Learn about the versatility of landscape tarps and discover the wide variety of tarps available.

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  • What a landscaping tarp is
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What is a Landscaping Tarp?

    • Work. Breathable Landscaping tarps can be used for shade tarps, and to protect flowers, plants and trees from wind and the sun. Solid landscaping tarps are used for covering hay, top soil protection and drag tarps.landscape tarp
    • Leisure. Electra Tarp custom tarps are great for privacy curtains, wind break tarps, patio covers, swimming pool covers, RV and boat coverings. A variety of tarp materials can be offered to protect your leisurely investments from the sun and rain.
    • Sports. Landscape tarps can be used to provide protection for football sideline athletic fields by allowing liquids to drain while allowing the turf underneath to breathe. The vinyl mesh does not absorb liquids, and cleats cannot penetrate the mesh. Electra Tarp mesh tarps were used on the Football Hall of Fame Bridge and allow the metal figures on the bridge to be more visible.

What Types of Landscaping Tarps Are Available?

At Electra Tarp, we offer a wide variety of stock and custom landscaping tarps to fit your specific needs. Whether you are looking to cover your greenhouse, hoop house or break the wind from your summer activities, we have a perfect solution for you. Electra Tarp landscaping tarps include:
Landscaping Tarps

  • Greenhouse/Hoop House Covers. These tarps are great for gardening, storage or livestock. Greenhouse covers are built to withstand the elements and can be manufactured from a large variety of durable reinforced vinyl materials. These tarps are available in reinforced translucent vinyl, solid colors and shade cloth. Offered in a variety of shade percentages, several weights, colors and numerous finish options.
  • Mesh Tarps. These are commonly used as curtains, wind break tarps, livestock shade tarps, patio covers, truck covers and much more. Our mesh tarps are available in numerous shading percentages to offer the exact amount of shade you are looking for and offered in several aesthetically pleasing colors.
  • Nursery Tarps. Nursery tarps are ideal when hauling to protect your flowers, plants and trees from sun and windburn while still allowing water to pass through. Our 100% American-made, PVC coated polyester mesh tarps are rot resistant, UV treated and are offered in various percentages of light transmission depending on color.
  • Poly Tarps. Electra Tarp’s poly tarps are great for covering RVs, boats, wood piles, drag tarps, lawns and gardens, athletic fields, hay, swimming pools, top soil and any other items that need weather protection.
    Our poly tarps are economical and are offered in a range of colors, strengths and prices. These tarps are manufactured with heat sealed seams, rope in the hems and grommets around the entire perimeter. Our hay tarps come with heavy duty nylon webbing loops on both long sides for insertion of pipes or tie downs.

Why Should I Choose Electra Tarp?

Electra Tarp can offer a variety of quality products custom manufactured to your desired size. We value honesty, and provide our customers with superior products built to withstand the elements. At Electra Tarp, customers are our priority. That’s why we offer competitive prices with speedy service. If you’re ready to design your perfect landscaping tarp, request a quote or contact us today.

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