Safe Touch Antimicrobial Film

Our custom antimicrobial copper film inhibits the spread of infection by deactivating the virus within several minutes of contact.

Experts have stated that the Human Coronavirus proliferates for up to 5 days on materials such as plastic, ceramic tile, glass and stainless steel. It has been found that upon contact with a copper surface, the COVID-19 virus is deactivated within 30 minutes while the body structure and genome of the virus are destroyed. Our antimicrobial film inhibits the spread of infection by deactivating the virus within several minutes of contact.


Copper Laminate

Our antimicrobial film utilizes the antiviral effect of copper with an added copper laminate. Antimicrobial copper acts as an inhibitor of the COVID-19 virus replication by being absorbed into the cell of the bacteria, penetrating the cell membrane resulting in a significant loss of nutrients, water and oxygen. This process leads to a complete extinction of the virus.

Antimicrobial Film Applications

  • Shopping Cart Handles
  • Elevator Buttons
  • Credit Card Readers
  • Handles and Railings in Public Transit, Parks, Buildings, etc.
  • Screen Protectors on Mobile Phones
  • Doorknobs on buildings, toilets, sinks, etc.

Characteristics of Antimicrobial Film

Our antimicrobial copper laminate film is made for a semi-permanent period of use. The antimicrobial effect is everlasting, meaning this film only needs to be replaced in the event of damage. This film is also harmless to humans as well as the environment. Offered with or without pressure sensitive adhesive, our antimicrobial film offers endless custom applications to help in the prevention of the COVID-19 virus replication and the spread of infection.


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