Why You Should Invest in a Custom Gym Floor Covering

The Importance of Gymnasium Floor Protection

Gym floors are costly and a large expense for schools and athletic facilities, particularly the hardwood floors, which are preferred by athletes and coaches. These floors require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure they remain in good shape and are safe to play on. Keeping maintenance at a minimum is crucial to the lifespan of your gym floor, most maple floors can only withstand being sanded ten times before having to be replaced, a very costly undertaking. As a result, using a gym floor cover tarp at your school or athletic facility is so important.

The Benefits of Gym Floor Covers

Gym floor covering with a school's eagles logo and image
Gym floor coverings protect your gym floor during non-sporting events, limit the amount of maintenance to your floor, allow you to turn your gym into a profitable space, provide enhanced safety, and can display your school spirit.

Help Increase the Use of Your Gym

It’s often recommended that only appropriate athletic footwear is worn on hardwood gym floors, but oftentimes school gyms and athletic facilities are used to serve as a multipurpose space. Our protective gym floor covers allow you to hold a variety of events such as proms, galas, conventions, holiday events, award ceremonies, and other special events. Using a gym floor cover during non-sporting events protects the hardwood floor from furniture, shoe scuffs, food and drink spills, and more. As a result, schools and other facilities can take advantage of the large space a gym offers for events they otherwise couldn’t host.

Limits the Amount of Maintenance

Hardwood gym floors require regular maintenance. It’s recommended that gym floors are sanded, resealed, repainted, and refinished every five to ten years depending on if the floor is covered during non-athletic use. This not only gets expensive, but this process often takes weeks, leaving you without the use of your gym.

Gym floor protective covers can save your hardwood floor from avoidable damage, reducing the amount of necessary maintenance and increasing its lifespan.

Allows You to Make Money Off Your Gym

Turn your gym into a rentable space that generates money for your school or athletic facility. With a protective gym floor tarp, you can easily turn your gym into a space for polling, meetings, fundraisers, trade shows, concerts, rallies, banquets, and more. A gym floor covering will also cover the painted sports lines and school logos on the floor, making the room feel a little less like a gym and more like an event space.

Provides Safety

To decrease potential slips and falls, custom vinyl gym floor covers are available in non-slip textures. This also decreases risk of injury and liability, especially if you’re renting your gym to someone.

Show Team Spirit

Show your school or team spirit with a custom tarp in your team colors. You can even add your logo or even sponsors to generate additional revenue.

Protect Your Gym Floor with A Gym Floor Cover from Electra Tarp

Electra Tarp gym floor covers are used and recommended by schools, universities, and commercial facilities throughout the U.S. Our custom gym floor tarps are manufactured with durable reinforced vinyl and are available in a variety of weights and colors depending on your needs.

If you have questions or would like more information about our gym floor covers, contact us today.

Or if you’re ready to order your custom gym floor covering, request a quote or give us a call at 800-274-1003.

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