When Warehouse Curtains Are Good for Your Bottom Line

Choosing to invest or what to invest in for your warehouse can be a tough and expensive decision. Business warehouses are at the core of success for a business. Being able to provide a safe, clean, and organized work area will allow for employees to generate higher labor productivity levels and success rates for your business.

What Are Warehouse Curtains?

Warehouse curtains divide larger spaces, into partitioned areas. Because warehouse curtains operate as temporary curtain walls, they serve various functions within a warehouse. If you’re in search of a low-cost product that allows maximum warehouse space to be utilized, Electra Tarp offers a variety of vinyl curtain walls that can be customized to fulfill each of your business’s needs and requirements.

White industrial warehouse curtains with clear topCustomization for an Electra Tarp industrial curtain includes:

  • Company logo
  • Size
  • Wide color selection
  • Choice of material: clear, mesh, solid materials, or even a combination of all three
  • Accessories
    • Strip Doors – To allow employees easy access
    • Velcro – To hold your curtain in place or to connect to another curtain
    • Floor Sweeps – To seal the open area between the curtain and the floor
    • Panels – To limit airflow between the curtain, floor, and ceiling


Why You Should Have Industrial Curtains in Your Warehouse

Utilizing the maximum amount of space in a business warehouse is crucial to increasing labor productivity and flexibility. Investing in an industrial curtain for your warehouse has many benefits, including:

  • Temperature Control. Industrial curtains can help control warehouse temperature and reduce heating and cooling costs by keeping the warm or cool air in the designated warehouse area.
  • Clean work environment. Limit warehouse dust by using industrial divider curtains to divide the warehouse by job providing a clean and safe work environment for all employees.
  • Easy access. Strip doors allow for employees to have easy access when transporting from one department to the next.
  • High strength and abrasion resistance. Each industrial curtain is produced with high-quality materials that will withstand wear and tear.
  • Product variation. Each industrial plastic curtain is manufactured to fit the needs and requirements of your company. The size, color, and materials of the curtain are all factors that can be customized to create the ideal industrial curtain. For example, you can add clear windows to the curtains to oversee employees or various color combinations to alert for safety.
  • Flame retardant materials. The potential for growth and development of fire are reduced because industrial curtains are produced with flame retardant additives to ensure safety for both the employees and the business.
  • Sound control. Acoustical vinyl is a unique material that reduces the noise and sound transmissions between each warehouse department.
  • Cost-efficient. Investing in warehouse curtains are more cost efficient than adding permanent walls, saving money and time without having to remodel or make additions to your current warehouse.
  • Low maintenance. Retractable curtain walls have no moving parts to potentially go bad, break, or get damaged.
  • Fast and easy installation. There are numerous mounting options to choose from including the ceiling, beams, chains, or threaded rods.

What are the Different Types of Warehouse Curtains?

Industrial divider curtains are customized for each customer to fulfill the needs and desires of their business. The five common types of industrial divider curtains include:

Welding Curtains

Welding curtains encourage and provide a safe work area for employees by containing sparks and protecting employees from UV Light.

Strip Door Curtains

Strip doors help with maintaining temperature control, reduce energy costs, and decreased dust in a work areas. Vinyl strips are offered in countless sizes to separate spaces in warehouses or doors in entryways. Strip door curtains are often used at the entrances of walk-in freezers or coolers in supermarkets, bakeries, food processing plants, and restaurants.

Safety Curtains

Safety curtains ensure employee safety by allowing an area to be blocked off or closed.

Warehouse Dividers

Warehouse dividers allow for warehouse equipment and workspaces to be separated or kept out of sight.

Windbreak Curtains

Windbreak curtains ensure employee safety by protecting their workspace against elements from the exterior and separate warehouse departments.

Maximize Your Warehouse Space with an Industrial Curtain from Electra Tarp

Are you considering investing in a product that will not only provide numerous benefits to your warehouse and business but also to your employees? The experts at Electra Tarp Incorporated are here to guide and assist you through the entire process of purchasing industrial curtains for your warehouse. Fill out the short form on our website today or contact Electra Tarp Incorporated to receive a quote for an industrial curtain that is the perfect fit for your warehouse!

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